January 20th, 2006

long hair

Briar Cliff: Upstairs/Downstairs

Continued from Briar Cliff: Upstairs and Briar Cliff: Downstairs

"Peter heard your confession?...You do know he’s not a priest anymore, right? That he doesn’t have the church’s permission to hear confession."

"Yes Sir," Mary nodded briefly. "But h-he did it anyway." Did he think that was funny too? Was he just humoring me when I was trying to save my soul?

"That is weird that he heard it though, he hasn’t since.."

Mister Barrie didn't have time to finish his sentence as the sound of a repeating scream filled their ears.

"Dear Lord!" Mary breathed, but Seamus was running up the basement steps like his shirt tails were on fire. Holding her skirts the red head raced after him, her mind going back to the night she had first met Edward and the horrid screams that had awoken her from her sleep. It had been a child then, a little girl, and the screams coming from upstairs now were clearly female--

"Sarah!" Mary cried out, and then the screaming stopped. Oh no! Oh Lord, something has her, something in this evil town has caught her just like Miss Zelda! "Sarah!" she yelled again, running with Seamus down the hallway and through the atrium. Please, let her be safe, please let her be safe..

{Open to Sarah, Peter, Lolly, Seamus, David, and Mary, and whoever else chooses to enter Briar Cliff.}