January 19th, 2006

The local drug dealer

Wandering town and in the park ----CLOSED----

Continued from here:

Sam clutched Epps wrist as he held her arm around his shoulders, a firm hand on her waist as he helped her from the house and back onto the street. He wanted to run, to run as far and as fast as he could from that house but Epps' wounds stopped that urge. It was clear she couldn't run and he wasn't about to abandon her, not the only fucking friend he had in this place. It's more than that. She needs me, he thought as he glanced at the bloodied woman. They were two lone people trying to survive in this fucked up town and surviving here was a challenge. So that's how many people dead now? Sam's shock was fading into numbness, his mind was having trouble accepting what they had just witnessed.

"Jesus, this is the second time to day you've saved my life. I really fucking owe you".

He looked at Epps as they made their way across the slick pavement. "Don't worry about it", he said softly as he silently wished he could've done the same for Nancy. He may not have known the goth girl but he hadn't wanted to see anyone die like that. Jesus christ, we never even had a chance to stop him, he silently lamented.

"Hey, maybe if we get out of here I could get you a job. You like boats? I'm looking for a new crew, could use someone who's got my back".

It was Sam's turn to laugh sadly at that. "Not really and no offense, it you meet people like Katie and Jack in the middle of the ocean I don't think I wanna go there". His eyes moved down to her side and anxiously assessed her wounded side. "We need to get you medical help", he said seriously. The young man looked back out at the road and the surrounding buildings, wondering to himself where they would get any help. There was a park up ahead, the bright green of the trees and grass a startlingly contrast against the gray, foggy day but it wasn't the park that interested Sam. "Look, there are buildings there", he nodded with his head in their direction. "If we cut through the park we'll get there pretty quickly", he assured her. "Maybe there's a doctor's office or someone who can help us".

C'mon, there's gotta be something, he pleaded in his mind as they headed into the park.

[Open to Epps and anyone who wants to join us in the park]