January 15th, 2006


The Police Station {{{CLOSED}}}

The rain was beginning to lighten as the trio left the church and headed down the slick, wet, concrete steps of the building. Willard let out a relieved sigh, glad that they were getting out of there and away from that awful man. Just the memory of what they had seen in the church made Willard's blood pressure rise. The arrogant look that had been on the man's face had been too much like Mr. Martin's. His grip tighten on Dorothy's elbow as he walked faster away from the church.

People like that infuriated Willard, those that thought that just because a person was quiet that they could be pushed around and told what to do. He shot a furtive glance at Dorothy. It didn't look too much had happened when Willard and Lenore had found her and the man but Willard couldn't help but wonder, how far the blond man had pushed Dorothy? What did he do to her? Perhaps he threatened her or...but she said it was her fault. He shook himself slightly, No, no, no..it was his fault. Stop thinking that way! Besides you don't even know her. He didn't know anyone here so why did he care?

Because someone has to, his mind echoed back Lenore's words from earlier. As they moved across the pavement Willard could see a stone and concrete building across the road. He hadn't really noticed the building before but now he could see it clearly and could read the words 'Police Station' carved into the stone above the door.

"Look", he pointed to the building. "There it is". He paused as they drew closer. "Looks as empty as the rest of the town", Willard noted as he stared at the small, darkened windows. Unlike the church, this place had a concrete ramp instead of stairs that lead to the double doors but the sight of those doors caused the trio to stop in their tracks. What looked like the double glass doors had been reinforced with metal plates and bars. Now that they were closer they could also see that the windows were boarded up as well.

Willard blinked, it looked so different from the rest of the town which, despite it's emptiness, appeared normal at first glance. Whatever had happened last in this building had been anything but normal judging from the way it was reinforced. Willard let go of Dorothy's arm and moved up the ramp to try the doors.

"It's locked", he said as he strained to pull them open. He stopped as he ran his hand across the metal plates. "They didn't want anything getting in here", he murmured to himself.

{Open to Dorothy, Lenore, Collector and anyone else who wishes to join them.)