December 30th, 2005

please don't insist

Briar Cliff: Downstairs {{{CLOSED}}}

In the basement

"You don't know Peter...You've only, what? Been here a day?..No one asked to be brought here"

That was true. So far Mary hadn't spoken to anyone who had been pleased to find themselves in this strange town. Well...Mister Nathaniel said he didn't wish to return to his time.... And no, she didn't know Peter either.

"If you believe that, then that's fine. That's you're own problem however, I ask for but one thing, don't be getting on with that nonsense to Peter. He's not...Peter is a good man, I won't deny that. Even now, after everything , he still is but he's been through a lot lately and I don't need some woman messing with his head."

Her own problems? Why yes but....many of the people here had been displaced, it wasn't in her mind and--Mary's head whipped up at Seamus' last comment. Some woman? Was that what he thought of her? A tart trying to cloud his friend's mind?! Mary's cheeks burned.

He was fidgeting though and Mary hoped that meant he was ashamed at his words to her. Some woman! Apparantly that wasn't the case.

"Look,Peter is my friend and I've got to look out for him. He's... he's naive"

Mary didn't understand that at all. Peter had been a pillar of strength the entire day, and his dealings with the mystical and horrific had amazed and terrified her. He was physically ill and yet he had kept her safe, had searched for Sarah, felt sadness for Miss Zelda....

"He's also..jesus, he's also a drunk, alright?"

It was as if Seamus had socked her hard in the stomach, so quickly did the mask of red fall away from Mary's face to be replaced by a pale sheen. He was saying something else in that hard voice of his, but Mary could only stare at him, her eyebrows slowly coming together in a look of disbelief.

"Wh-what?" she managed. A hand unconciously came up to rest along the side of her neck, where the black blouse now hid most of her disfiguring marks.

[Open to anyone who enters Briar Cliff or is in the downstairs part]