December 14th, 2005

The Hospital

"I just asked a question. He liked to burn things"

"Well, this was a different kind of situation I'm sure," Ash said still a little on edge and annoyed by the girl but feeling a little bad about snapping at her. It wasn't her fault she was annoying him so but he was a little to strung out to be nice to the young woman. He hadn't slept in over 24 hours and though he had done so a few times he was still prone to get exhausted and strung out when feelings became too much for him.

"Okay, guys...everyone just needs to calm down"

Ash took a deep breath and attempted to do as Charlie suggested. It was hard for him but he was going to have to keep himself in check. After all it was probably not normal for these people to see a guy with a chainsaw where his hand should be. It was most likely a little off putting for others.


Ash nodded at Charlie and stepped down the hall way beside the young woman. As they reached the stair well he hoped that they would eventually would be able to get away from the others in their searching in order to finish his questioning of Charlie and her special powers.

"Watch the rear. We'll...I'll watch the front"

The non-verbal reaction was always the one of choice for Ash and he nodded in response to Rain's instruction. As the distance between the two couples became greater he kept his eyes open and began to speak to Charlie in a hushed voice out of the corner of his mouth.

"So what is py-pyro...what ever that word you used earlier was. What is that? How do you do that thing you did? You were glowing!" He looked over at the other group hoping they hadn't heard him and the lack of reaction from them told him what he had wanted to know before his attention went back to looking around the hall.

[Open to: Charlie, Rain, May, and anyone who decides to search around the hospital. If you enter the hospital please put what floor and area you are in so things are kept clear.]