December 11th, 2005

back to the drawing board

Raven's Hollow ((Closed))

“Forgive my asking, but would you be able to make it that far? You seem... forgive me, you seem a little sick?"

John laughed, a raspy sound with a bitter edge to it, one he directed at himself. At the cruel twist of fate that had brought him to this. “You could say that.”

He pushed away the plate, having managed to eat nearly half of the eggs benedict. His stomach hadn’t started protesting… yet. Better safe than sorry, he thought. Better safe than sorry, too, regarding venturing down into the neighboring town. He was probably better off staying in the house for the time being.

“Some days are worse than others,” he continued, maneuvering the chair away from the table. “Perhaps at a later time I’ll try heading into the village. As for right now, I was thinking of exploring the house- the ground floor at least. Would you care to join me?” The objects in the rooms of the house might provide clues as to why they were there and to the rules, if this indeed was a game.

After Patrick’s reply, John headed down the hallway, tracing back the way he came, past his room to the opposite end of the house. The door at the end was open, showing the dark wood and book-lined walls of the library. A fire crackled in the grate, throwing strange shadows against the wall.

He stopped next to the bookshelves and examined the books at eye-level. Old leather-bound editions of classic works, their titles imprinted in gold leaf on the spines, but he noted the lack of dust along the shelves and top of the books. Someone was keeping house here, at least; this was a definite step up from the derelict houses and abandoned industrial buildings he himself had used for his games.

{Open to Patrick, Mahette, and anyone present or arriving at Raven's Hollow}