December 5th, 2005

On the road leaving Raven's Hallow/ Heading to the bar

Norman left the large house and the calm that the building instilled on everyone except him it seemed left but he did not feel much of a change. The young man had no desire to kill and no feeling of relief washed over him.

He walked down the path as rain beat down on him. He felt a little regret for not having an umbrella or a jacket to pull over his head. Instead he just put his head down and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. A chill ran up his spine as he saw the mall ahead in the distance.

A morbid side of him wanted to enter the building and look upon the body of the young woman that he had killed. To gaze at her lifeless body and the sticky substance that had stained the floor. He had no idea that someone had partaken in a small bite of the young red head.

He felt great remorse for Zelda and he doubted he would ever feel anything but remorse. Patrick had tried to make Norman embrace what he had done and Norman wished he could feel about life the way that Patrick felt about it but there was no way he could ever see himself making a massacre of a young woman the way that Patrick had with that blond woman back at the house in the suburbs.

Norman wasn't a killer at heart but he had done it and would no doubt end up doing it again.

Norman walked past the large building turning his eyes away from the broken door. Despite his curiousity he did not want to go and see that young woman who's life he had taken.

Instead Norman walked on and away from the mall with only dark thoughts enveloping his mind when he saw a familiar face in the dark and rainy distance.

[Open to: Jack Ferriman and anyone who wishes to join the pair in town.]

The School {{{CLOSED}}}

"You have a big mouth for a dead kid."

Katie's eyes narrowed but she felt a touch of mean-spirited glee. Knowing that Ginger had died and come back had bother Katie. Knowing that she was getting under the teenagers skin made her feel better but her conscious jumped on her at that. It's not right to pick on another persons pain. Katie sighed. But what did it matter what she did or didn't do ? In the end, had anything changed ? She was still dead, Jack still continued his quest and Epps wasn't safe.

"I know--knew someone named Sam, alright. You may be all sentimental about this Epps but I couldn't give a shit. I don't know her, I don't care. It's a kill or be killed world. But I guess you missed that lesson, huh ?"

"No, I may have missed out on many things but that lesson was not one of them," Katie murmured as she looked up ahead to see a brick building ahead of the two girls. She thought back to the Antonia Graza and the night that she died. Kill or killed world indeed. "Perhaps we should check that building then". Perhaps Epps and Sam ran off there and then I can go and be rid of you, she thought with a side glance at the unpleasant girl. Katie didn't actually feel that way, if anything, she didn't want to be alone now. Not in this unfamiliar town and not after so many years of being alone on that ship. There were other ghosts on Antonia Graza so she was never alone but often felt like she was. She had not been like the others, Katie was unmarked by Ferriman. It was she was able to warn the others, to warn Epps. Fat lot of good that was now. Her mood darkened as she saw what the building was.

A school.

Brief flashes of memory showed a time when Katie herself had gone to school. It had been nicer then the decrepit building that lay before Ginger and Katie, a private school. She remembered enjoying it and she remembered how anxious she had felt about going to school in America. Yet another thing that never got to happen. Katie stared at the stairs in a resolved manner as she preceded up them. She looked at the double doors before glancing back at Ginger.

"Do you want to go first or shall I?"

{Open to Ginger and anyone who wants to join them at the school}