December 2nd, 2005


Heading to town {{CLOSED}}

Dawn had been upon the town for a while now and the second morning that Willard saw in Fair Haven was a contrast to the first. Grey clouds covered the sky and sun as the rain fell and the fog began to pick up. A miserable morning but it suited Willard's despair as he rushed down from the steps of Briar Cliff Manor. He rushed because of the news Peter and Seamus had told him, the first revealing that there were more people than just Zelda were dead in the town and the latter revealing that Dorothy had run off on her own after reaching the town.

Both revelations frightened him and made him fear for Dorothy's safety. While he barely knew her, had only met her a few hours ago, Willard couldn't shake the anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew why though, it was because Dorothy reminded him of Zelda. They looked nothing alike and in fact Zelda had been much more lively but both where still young girls.

Girls who had both shown kindness to Willard, Dorothy especially, and the fact that Zelda had been killed in this town, well that was evidence for Willard that Dorothy's own chances were just as slim. There are things here other than just the people who woke up here, he thought. I saw them, monsters in this town and she...she's not safe by herself. Willard owed her a favor, he owed it to Dorothy to look for her. In way, he owed to himself. Willard had always been a weak man, his mother had bossed him around, Mr. Martin had, all the while Willard played the coward. Just like he had back at the hospital with Mary and Peter. Ran off without a thought for them, not a thought for Sarah or Zelda or anyone else. Save his rats and himself.

Willard was half way down the driveway when he heard another voice call out to him, asking him to stop. Once he glanced over his shoulder he saw Lenore, and with Socrates insistence, Willard stopped and waited for her. She was asking what he was doing, what was wrong. "Dorothy ran off by town. It's's not safe there. I.." He turned and started walking again with Lenore following along with him. "I have to look for her".

{Open to Lenore and anyone else leaving Briar Cliff}