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Leaving Briar Cliff

Would the woman think she was foolish for suggesting they leave? Mary hoped not and was rewarded with Sarah's acquiescence.

"No, you're right. We can't just stay here and let whatever's out there find us. We have to get out of here and the the only way to do that is back in town I'm betting."

Mary nodded vigorously. While her first instincts had always been to hide when trouble came near, the redhead could admit--at least to herself--that she wasn't good at it. Things, people, would find her in the end. Her father, Edward... It's better to know what's in the shadows.

"Should we go get Seamus and Peter or--or are we safer on our own. God, how much do you know about either of them?"

Her hands suddenly squeezed tightly together. No! Absolutely not! Mary didn't want to go back and discuss this with those liars and- Drunks ? a bitter part of Mary's mind spoke up. She swallowed, not really knowing what to say. Earlier she would have said she knew them well enough, but after her conversation with Mister Barrie in the basement Mary realized how very naive she had been to take such knowledge as Gospel. However, Mary wasn't a mean spirited person, and her thoughts on the dark-haired man upstairs were more of sadness than anger.

"N-n-neither are what I thought them to be," she finally said. "I t-think we would be better on our own. At least we both want to find a way home."

She was relieved when Sarah agreed, and, after the brunette drained her glass, they proceeded back into the atrium. Out of habit the maid held the door open for the other woman, but before she stepped over the threshold she took the silver chain out of her pocket. Mary sighed and slipped it over the inner doorknob. It wasn't hers anymore, it never had been.

As she softly closed the door her brown eyes gazed down the misty path they had walked up earlier in the pouring rain. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"But where will we start?"

[Open to Sarah]

In a house (suburb section 1)***CLOSED***

Continued from here:

Isaiah Barras laid on the floor for hours, the black man had been knocked unconscious earlier by Sam Lemche after Isaiah had brutally murdered Nancy and attacked Epps. Only darkness filled his mind as he laid there on the carpeted floor, the blood from his broken dried on his face, his nose had been broken by a blow Epps had dealt him earlier. Slowly but surely, Isaiah became aware of his body again as he began to wake up. Sore and stiff, his head was ringing still and his nose was bloody and bruised, the flesh incredibly tender and painful to touch. Something that Isaiah learned as he brought his gloved hand to his face and felt the sting from the pressure of the touch. He swore under his breath as he struggled to sit up. What had happened to him?

Crimey, am I still 'ere? Isaiah glanced about his surroundings and recognized the old lady's house. Cat lady's house, he recalled Nancy's description, grimacing as he remembered what he did to Nancy. As more memories came back to him Isaiah's expression soured further. Sam and Epps, they saw me and they're still out there...oh jesus. He tried to get up then as a wave of fear and paranoia swept into his mind but his injuries forced him back on the floor. Christ, what was he gonna do now?

I gotta do somethin' this nose, that's what I gotta do first, Isaiah realized as he briefly touched his nose again and hissed in pain. And Nancy, what about 'er? Can't just leave her here for anyone to find. He had fucked up on this one, that was for sure. Letting Epps and Sam get away like that, what was 'e thinkin'? Isaiah would have to find them again and he'd have to make sure they didn't talk. Probably told every bleeding bobby and Fed in sight by now, his mind rambled as he tried to climb to his feet again and was successful this time. Wait, there ain't nobody 'round here they can report me to, there ain't no coppers.

That made Isaiah feel a bit better about the situation but it didn't change a thing in his mind. Alright, deal with me nose first, then the bird upstairs and then I'll go look for the other two. With a plan in his head, Isaiah turned and headed back toward the kitchen in search of a rag or cloth of some sort for his nose.

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In the Library

Continued from Here

"I believe you are mistaken...The house we woke up in was in this area"

Mina frowned. She started to speak, ready to inform Nathaniel that she was quite sure of their former location. It seemed as if he had the same inclination but stopped.

"We have taken it for granted that we awoke in the same dwelling"

Mina blinked and followed the man's hand to where he was gesturing.

"Of course," she breathed, mouth becoming an 'O'

"I remember walking into town--seems like ages ago-- and seeing this building from this angle...I had noticed it laid beyond a large brick building here"

Mina released her shard into Nathaniel's possession, stepping back and watching as he added to her crude design.

"I wasn't inside that one but I believe Freddy had been in there. He said something about it being..dead. Hm. Did he mean undead creatures? Such as the ones Shaun and yourself encountered?"

Mina shuddered slightly, thinking about those rotting beings again.

"I certainly hope not. An entire building of those things would be less than ideal." She watched with interest as he continued to engrave a path then another structure onto the desk. Apparently it was the home he had woken up in....on the other side of Fair Haven from the one she, Jeryline, and Mr. Skinner had found themselves in. Curious.

</i>"Tell me, the building you awoke in, what did it look like?"</i>

"Red," Mina said almost immediately. The walls had been a lovely red shade, a large front window, cozy library--Where Mr. K visited you... Before she could speak more and clear that bad memory from her mind, Nathaniel hissed.


He had cut his finger. He...had cut...

The vampire's blue gaze slowly travelled from the desk where a speck of human blood remained up to the blond man's face where he protectively sucked on his wound...

"... did you not cut up your own fingers?"


"Ah, of course you heal faster. I forgot"

"Yes! Yes.." Mina tried to recapture her sense of self but his did smell rather nice, rare even. No. She had been very good as of late. Before waking up in Briar Cliff she had not fed directly for some time and now--First that Boy! and now- and now...I told him I would not!

"Healing ?" Mina murrmurred, glancing up into Nathaniel's dark eyes. "Yes, I do heal quickly." She looked down at her own fingertips that had bled all over the wood. They were perfect now, as perfect as they were when she was twenty. He should not bear any new scars. His lovely hands...warm hands..

Mina felt a flush rise to her cheeks, and the words rapidly fell from her mouth.

"I could heal you, for a taste."

[Open to Warlock and Jeryline and anyone else who enters the library.]
she knows!

Raven's Hollow/ Leaving Raven's Hollow

continued from Here

"And that is a beautiful ring. Even more so on that lovely hand of yours."

Mahette bit her lip and giggled. Apparently Vieux thought so too, though she frowned when he patted her hand. It's mine! Vous ne pouvez pas l'avoir. The man brought back memories of things she had tried to forget years ago, namely her grandparents, the ones who had raised her in the back woods of New Orleans. The ones she had killed. A smile replaced the frown on her face as she watched John leaf through the journal, thinking about Grandmere's purple lips, unaware of the man's ideas of putting her head in a metal trap.

She twirled around when Bouche began to laugh. Her grey orbs danced over his clean-shaven face as he chortled, tears coming to his eyes. Mahette looked once at Freedee, not knowing what had started this show, but she quickly caught on, giving a high-pitched laugh herself. If this was part of the game then Mahette was not going to be left out!

"Hmph, sounds like some little girl wants to make up stories if you ask me."

Mahette stopped, smiling broadly. She liked stories! Not ones from books, no, they were complicated and had no heart, especially the ones she had seen in the library, full of English words meant to torment her. What other little girls are here? She began to toss the leg bone Vieux had returned to her from one hand to another and leaned her back against the wall. What were they talking about ? It didn't matter, not with high ceilings to gaze up at. She jumped when John closed the book.

"This is a vital clue in the game."

"Est-il?" her eyes widened, hugging the bone to herself. Then she should know, yes? She had been doing so well.

"I am far in this game, Vieux," her smile shone. "Vous ne devez pas avoir peur. The house, it says the game is good." Mahette glanced at Freedee and Bouche, wondering for the first time how they were proceeding in this 'game'. Dropping the femur, she crossed her arms and drew her eyebrows close together in a look of confusion. "I am winning," she said simply.

[Open to Patrick, Freddy, John, and anyone else who enters Raven's Hollow.]

The Hospital

Continued from here.

On the Second Floor.

May was pondering invisibility, the downsides and the upsides one would have in such a condition. The downsides were easy to see but May had to admit there was something about not being seen that appealed to her introvert nature. No one judges you when they can't see you, she thought calmly as she walked ahead of the others, unaware of their whispered comments.

"Invisible huh? Yeah, that must be difficult".

"Yes, but I think Sebastian found a fun side to it", May noted, a sudden giggle catching her as she remembered how touchy feely Sebastian had been. Had he not been invisible, perhaps May would've welcomed the gesture more but then the girl often enjoyed any contact she got as her life was a strange and lonely one.

"Don't humor her. May, get off whatever fucking drugs you're on, they're not helping ya babe".

A sour taste filled May's mouth as her eyes narrowed at Rain's words. "I'm not on any drugs", she retorted. "Sebastian was real! I saw him...well I didn't see him... but he was wearing clothes and clothes don't just float in the air". She stopped talking then and walked with the others in quiet anger. Rain wasn't her friend which was becoming abundantly clear and disappointment brought the faint glisten of tears to May's eyes. No, no, no, no! Stop it, stop crying like a little girl. This isn't elementary school anymore, she told herself.

"Well, at least we're heading in the right direction".

May looked at Charlie before following her gaze to the small sign bearing the words 'psychiatric ward'. She giggled that but the laughter died in her throat as she remembered how Adam had called her crazy. He wasn't the only one. Everyone thought there was something wrong with May but she learned herself that there was something wrong with everyone, not just her. Nobody's perfect. They weren't perfect yet I'm the one that got yelled at, the one they called a freak. They were freaks too. There are just different types of freaks, that's all. Rain's voice broke her train of thought when the latina started in on the orders again.

"Alright, let's split up again for another sweep of the area. Charlie, you come with me and Ash you go with May. Ash and May, check that area.."

Ash interrupted, arguing with and angering Rain which brought a smug feeling of spiteful pleasure into May, bringing a smile to her lips.

"Alright, fine. You take that corridor then. Charlie and I will go this way".

"Have fun and watch out for those zombies", May said to Rain sweetly before turning with a flare of her skirt and skipping after Ash into the darker hallway.

[Open to: Charlie, Rain, and anyone else who enters the hospital. Please put 2nd or 1st floor in the subject line of the comments to keep clear where you're too.]
GS1: Together forever

In the forest behind the cemetery

[Continued from here and here.]

Brigitte snarled into the man's ruined flesh as she felt the stone in his hand bang against her head but after a few weak attempts to hurt her, his arm finally fell to the side and she could continue to eat in peace. She feasted on his insides ravenously, gulping down the muscle and tearing at the organs with her teeth. It just felt so good, so right that even Brigitte's inner voice was silenced by the pure satisfaction of the feeding.

But there was an insistent noise coming through the forest behind her and the scent of another like her that caused Brigitte to raise her blood stained muzzle from the dead man's body. Her long, pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked her lips, her sharp teeth, taking more of the blood into her mouth. Now that her hunger was placated, the beast was curious as to who was this other wolf that she smelled.

There were others here like her here, she could remember that but she was having trouble picturing them, her memories as a human were clouded by the wolf's mind. It didn't matter, she could easily find out for herself and with a last glance at blond man, Brigitte turned and headed back into the forest.

Whoever it was, was coming straight at her when it paused up ahead. She crawled through a clump of brushes to peer out between the leaves. Another man stood off a little way in the trees but even at this distance she knew he wasn't like the blond man. Smells like us, moves like us, the beast noted then she thought she heard another. Suddenly the other wolf was running, howling out is seemed to her.

Brigitte darted after him, her animal mind taking it as a game. He wants to play as well...

[Open to Skinner and Nicholas]
long hair

Briar Cliff: Upstairs/Downstairs

Continued from Briar Cliff: Upstairs and Briar Cliff: Downstairs

"Peter heard your confession?...You do know he’s not a priest anymore, right? That he doesn’t have the church’s permission to hear confession."

"Yes Sir," Mary nodded briefly. "But h-he did it anyway." Did he think that was funny too? Was he just humoring me when I was trying to save my soul?

"That is weird that he heard it though, he hasn’t since.."

Mister Barrie didn't have time to finish his sentence as the sound of a repeating scream filled their ears.

"Dear Lord!" Mary breathed, but Seamus was running up the basement steps like his shirt tails were on fire. Holding her skirts the red head raced after him, her mind going back to the night she had first met Edward and the horrid screams that had awoken her from her sleep. It had been a child then, a little girl, and the screams coming from upstairs now were clearly female--

"Sarah!" Mary cried out, and then the screaming stopped. Oh no! Oh Lord, something has her, something in this evil town has caught her just like Miss Zelda! "Sarah!" she yelled again, running with Seamus down the hallway and through the atrium. Please, let her be safe, please let her be safe..

{Open to Sarah, Peter, Lolly, Seamus, David, and Mary, and whoever else chooses to enter Briar Cliff.}
The local drug dealer

Wandering town and in the park ----CLOSED----

Continued from here:

Sam clutched Epps wrist as he held her arm around his shoulders, a firm hand on her waist as he helped her from the house and back onto the street. He wanted to run, to run as far and as fast as he could from that house but Epps' wounds stopped that urge. It was clear she couldn't run and he wasn't about to abandon her, not the only fucking friend he had in this place. It's more than that. She needs me, he thought as he glanced at the bloodied woman. They were two lone people trying to survive in this fucked up town and surviving here was a challenge. So that's how many people dead now? Sam's shock was fading into numbness, his mind was having trouble accepting what they had just witnessed.

"Jesus, this is the second time to day you've saved my life. I really fucking owe you".

He looked at Epps as they made their way across the slick pavement. "Don't worry about it", he said softly as he silently wished he could've done the same for Nancy. He may not have known the goth girl but he hadn't wanted to see anyone die like that. Jesus christ, we never even had a chance to stop him, he silently lamented.

"Hey, maybe if we get out of here I could get you a job. You like boats? I'm looking for a new crew, could use someone who's got my back".

It was Sam's turn to laugh sadly at that. "Not really and no offense, it you meet people like Katie and Jack in the middle of the ocean I don't think I wanna go there". His eyes moved down to her side and anxiously assessed her wounded side. "We need to get you medical help", he said seriously. The young man looked back out at the road and the surrounding buildings, wondering to himself where they would get any help. There was a park up ahead, the bright green of the trees and grass a startlingly contrast against the gray, foggy day but it wasn't the park that interested Sam. "Look, there are buildings there", he nodded with his head in their direction. "If we cut through the park we'll get there pretty quickly", he assured her. "Maybe there's a doctor's office or someone who can help us".

C'mon, there's gotta be something, he pleaded in his mind as they headed into the park.

[Open to Epps and anyone who wants to join us in the park]

The Police Station {{{CLOSED}}}

The rain was beginning to lighten as the trio left the church and headed down the slick, wet, concrete steps of the building. Willard let out a relieved sigh, glad that they were getting out of there and away from that awful man. Just the memory of what they had seen in the church made Willard's blood pressure rise. The arrogant look that had been on the man's face had been too much like Mr. Martin's. His grip tighten on Dorothy's elbow as he walked faster away from the church.

People like that infuriated Willard, those that thought that just because a person was quiet that they could be pushed around and told what to do. He shot a furtive glance at Dorothy. It didn't look too much had happened when Willard and Lenore had found her and the man but Willard couldn't help but wonder, how far the blond man had pushed Dorothy? What did he do to her? Perhaps he threatened her or...but she said it was her fault. He shook himself slightly, No, no, was his fault. Stop thinking that way! Besides you don't even know her. He didn't know anyone here so why did he care?

Because someone has to, his mind echoed back Lenore's words from earlier. As they moved across the pavement Willard could see a stone and concrete building across the road. He hadn't really noticed the building before but now he could see it clearly and could read the words 'Police Station' carved into the stone above the door.

"Look", he pointed to the building. "There it is". He paused as they drew closer. "Looks as empty as the rest of the town", Willard noted as he stared at the small, darkened windows. Unlike the church, this place had a concrete ramp instead of stairs that lead to the double doors but the sight of those doors caused the trio to stop in their tracks. What looked like the double glass doors had been reinforced with metal plates and bars. Now that they were closer they could also see that the windows were boarded up as well.

Willard blinked, it looked so different from the rest of the town which, despite it's emptiness, appeared normal at first glance. Whatever had happened last in this building had been anything but normal judging from the way it was reinforced. Willard let go of Dorothy's arm and moved up the ramp to try the doors.

"It's locked", he said as he strained to pull them open. He stopped as he ran his hand across the metal plates. "They didn't want anything getting in here", he murmured to himself.

{Open to Dorothy, Lenore, Collector and anyone else who wishes to join them.)
Empty Soul

Behind the Church/In the Woods {{{CLOSED}}}

Caleb was not pleased with the current turn of events and he showed it with every limping step he took, walking atop the unkempt graves purely out of spite, scowling over his shoulder every so often and almost wishing that the man from the church would run after him. Caleb wanted to hit something; something made of flesh and bone.

There was a thick line of forest behind the church and it's cemetery (which seemed to go on forever, giving Caleb another reason to sneer in contempt) and the teacher headed towards it's welcoming shadow. Christ he needed to piss, and there was no fucking way he zip down out in the open.

The appearance of Blondie and Mr Boy Scout had thouroughly put a damper on any hard thoughts he may have been having while seated between Dorothy's precious gams, so the stirring in his loin wasn't as pleasurable as Caleb had wished it.

Even with his wool sweater Caleb felt slightly chilled and he wondered if there was a bar around someplace where he'd be able to warm up, or perhaps find more suitable company. He looked up into the grey sky and rolled his eyes in disgust. How dare that bitch presume to think that he'd ever be in danger from a woman?! He should have taken Dorothy with him--

That was it! After he relieved himself in the privacy of the woods he'd go find that little tease and make her finish what she started. Caleb kicked a piece of broken grave marker and smiled as it disappeared into the trees.

Things were looking up.

{Open to Brigitte}