Show us your worst.

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This community is here to be shared by all.
For obvious reasons, all posts will be moderated.

The rules of this community are as follows:

1) The hatemail you write must be either fictional or fictionalized. This means that you aren't to include anything that makes it clear that you're writing to a specific person.

2) All hatemail AND comments are to be spell-checked and grammar-checked.

3) Put long entries behind an lj-cut.

4) Comments are to be about the quality of the hatemail, not your opinion of its author.

5) This community is for fun. We're here to let of steam. Don't make things too personal.

Classic Hatemail:

Darling Fascist Bully-boy,

Give me some more money, you bastard.

Boom Shanka,

Dear Fuckers,

I rue the day I purchased your Cleanmates monitor wipes. I also rue when I used the wipes themsleves. Even throwing the whole thing in the garbage was a hassle, though I don't know that I rued it per se.

"Quick-Dry, Non-Streaking Formula" my ass. Now I have to buy new wipes to clean off the shit your stupid ones left on my screen.

I Hate You Guys,

Michael Krahulik

p.s. i just rued again