Andy Kayen (kayen) wrote in _harvey_,
Andy Kayen

[Harvey] Holy Hagglin', Batdroid!

At one point, this strip seemed as good a way as any to stall while I fiddle with the Pinocchio? scripts. Now, I'm not so sure. I felt a silly strip might be good after the sadness of the last one, but this may just be _too_ silly. It's more about art and concept than intelligent writing, but Illustrator had problems tracing the inks properly and, well, I'm not exactly satisfied. Still, you might feel differently about it. Who knows? ;)

Preview, because it's too wide to post without a cut:

I blame the fact that, while I've been a Batfan since I was little, I've recently dived into Batman fandom, and it's started to nibble on my brain.

Am considering making coloured version of this for DeviantArt. Should I?

Now, I must sleep. The (currently) three remaining parts of 'Pinocchio?' _are_ coming, but I want to get them right. :)

*staggers off*
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