July 4th, 2005

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  • kayen

[Harvey] Communication Breakdown

As it was this strip that spawned the Harvey comic and character, I thought I'd let it be the first posted to this journal too. :)

The idea came to me as I was working on my essay on LGBT inclusion in Swedish high school textbooks...

Also, welcome, dear readers! I do hope you'll enjoy this comic. :)

Thank you arghyblargh, arison, benjj, cheshire_sphinx, dumbblondeswede, everlaughingone, balfrog, kalandor, lady_arrogance, lrodell, nicefeet, noey_too, nothingbutfic, not_sally, pingviini, prissyscilla, sdkshelly, sorion, tardis60, and underlucius for your comments and encouragement! :D

Comments are quite welcome, also of the concrit kind. ;)

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