Andy Kayen (kayen) wrote in _harvey_,
Andy Kayen

[Harvey] Pinocchio? part 1

I really need to get myself some crow quill pens. And better paper. And new ink. But as my finances are well into the red, that won't happen anytime soon. ;)

So you'll have to make due with the somewhat sloppy inking. But, hey, at least you'll get to see more of Harvey than usual. (No, there's no Harvey!porn below. You can scroll safely. *laughs*)

Part two should be up this weekend, as I'm thinking of something more ... topical for Friday. (Though I make no promises. Unforeseen events may occur, etc etc, bla bla bla.)

Hope you liked this one. :)

Also, a coloured version of 'Sex Ed' is up at DApride, here:

Must. Sleep. Now.

ETA: It should say 'Robotics Dep.' on the table sticker (panel one). Too tired to fix now.
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