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Welcome to yes... another Harry Potter rpg. Created because you can never get enough Harry Potter!

This is an open community, but please contact one of the moderators and wait for their confirmation before you join.


reiofstarlight and sailormgm you can either leave us comments in our ljs (we both update/check daily) or email us at lightxburnsxclear@yahoo.com or sailormgm@aol.com.

When you do comment, please include your aol/msn screen name. If you email one of us, please put 'Harry Potter Rpg' as the subject line.

Please read all of the rules before asking to join!

This community is not 100% serious, but it's not 100% out of character either. Slash IS allowed, we just ask that things don't get TOO horrible. Like, please don't pair up say... Hagrid and Draco... that's just too odd. Please communicate with other players if you're going to be posting about their charcter, and please don't be rude. If you have something to say to the player, please keep it OUTSIDE of the community.

This rpg takes place durning Harry's 5th year, at Hogwarts, so there will be Order of the Phoenix spoilers. There doesn't have to be any real true-to-the-story plot, and not all characters have to be completly cannon. This is just for fun. So far we've all just gathered at the Black house for some fun :D

You are welcome to play any FREE character, so please check at the bottom for taken characters. Any character from the Harry Potter world can be played, even ghosts and dead people (such as James Potter).

In order to play a character you need to create a seperate character journal. If you need a code to create the journal, please contact the moderators, we should be able to hook you up.

NO posting or commenting from your actual livejournal. Those WILL be deleated. It's not that hard to log into your character journal to leave comments.

It's recomended that you add the community to your actual livejournals friends page, but please don't join the community with your journal. Only join with your character journal. Also, don't forget to add all new members to your characters friends page.

If your user name doesn't give a good indication of who you're playing, please use icons featuring the character. If you need an icon created, please contact one of the moderators, we should be able to round something up for you.

Please post in both your characters journal and the community, it's easier to keep track of things that way. And PLEASE post atleast twice a week. The more you post, the better! We don't want this to become boring do we?

So... that's pretty much it! Just have fun! Be silly and make up things that you'd like to see in the books, but would never actually happen...

List of Taken Characters

Fred and George: weasly_jokers
played by: reiofstarlight
aim/msn: crims0nancl0ver or fastmollychan@hotmail.com

Sirius Black: siriusly_yummy
played by: sailormgm
aim: SailorMGM

Ron Weasley: ron_weeeasley
played by: _hothotheat
aim/msn: bunnygirlx87 or dizzylizzy31087@hotmail.com

Remus Lupin: full_moony
played by: deux
aim: YourPianoDrowns

Harry Potter: punk_potter
played by: sakurakasugano
aim: Saky Mimura

Severus Snape: darkarts_snape
played by: chidorichan
aim: TennyoChidori2

Ginny Weasley:ginny_tonic
played by: sazzafrazz
aim/msn:sazzy2626 saz2626@hotmail.com

Draco Malfoy: draconis_slyth
played by: majinbakahentai

Hermione Granger: almost_hermione
played by: skatie_katie

Viktor Krum: krumcookies
played by: aoshi
aim: Sam Aoshi

Luna Lovegood: lunny_luna
played by: lana_konte
aim: lights sparkle

Angelina Johnson: capt_angelina
played by: sunshine611
aim/msn: Capt Angelina Capt_Angelina@hotmail.com

Pansy Parkinson: lil_miss_pansy
played by: trickyslover
aim: KraizeeMe

Cho Change: cho_was_here
played by: zato_ichi
aim: EdibleX

Blaise Zabini: anonymous_slyth
played by: damn_my_mind
aim/msn: FireDmn20 / myk_v_1@hotmail.com

Albus Dumbledore: dumblewhore
aim: Sepiroth15

Lord Voldemort: evilpenes69
played by: miyako_chan
aim: CyberiaLain

Nymphadora Tonks: tonks_the_klutz
played by: koyasu_stalker