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Okay so I know we've all heard the rumours that Elizabeth Hurley would play the role of Bellatrix Lestrange in the Order of the Phoenix. They were denied by Warner Brothers, but have recently resurfaced on several sites and news sources. In an article, IMDB had the following to say on the subject: "The producers have tried to keep details of the cast under wraps but they have always wanted someone beautiful and mystical to play Bellatrix and they reckon Liz can pull it off." MuggleNet recently received an email from the people at Warner Brothers, saying that there is "no truth in this whatsoever."

I know WB have totally denied these BUT I think its because they want to keep the cast a secret. I mean Daniel Radcliffe hasn't even decided if he will be carrying on with his Role as Harry so I don't know.

Do you guys think she would be good as Bellatrix?


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I just thought I should tell everyone that POA didn't walk away empty handed tonight at the BAFTA's ... It won BEST MOVIE award and Emma Watson was there to pick it up. I'll try and get some screen caps up tommorow. She said that Dan Radcliffe couldn't be there, unfortunetaly as he was revising for GCSE's. Missing a night at the BAFTA's for exams, got to hand it to him...he's dedicated.

Screen caps tommorow when i've had SLEEP.

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Harry in the Classroom

Question off of my biology quiz:
1. What is the most influential book of all time?
a) The Bible
b) Harry Potter
c) Origin of Species
d) (Insert Book Name Here)

I was so tempted to put harry potter. instead i worte a little note saying that it was harry potter but the answer he was looking for was the bible.

Then in physics class my teacher taught the idea of movement and vectors (movement+direction) by talking about quidditch. i <3 my school. :D

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I have a theory for you, and Im positive it isnt of my own invention but something many other people have probably thought, here it is:

So I am re-reading Goblet Of Fire for a school literary analysis and I am in the graveyard part after Cedric and Harry are taken by portkey from the center of the maze. Voldemort is explaining to the Death Eaters how he managed to get a body blah blah and I was thinking this; since he used Harry's blood to restore to power, he has some of Harry's mum's sacrifice in his veins, as he says, which makes me wonder if in the future Harry or Voldemort are killed at the other's hand, will they both die? Like if Harry cast a spell which killed Voldemort would he too die?

Comments pleaseee!
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