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Need Help +Clips

Fangirl Needs Tutoring Help

Here's the thing, I have zero ideas on what to write/send to Hoshi Souichirou. Because while I've been fangirling over his voice for quite some time now, I have only recently began to fangirl over the person. So what I am requesting is any information you have about his favorite things, his preferences, anything of a personal nature that you know. It could even be something as simple as a comment he made in a cast talk. I don't understand all that many japanese words so I wouldn't understand if I listened anyway. So please help a poor fangirl find her way. Or you could give me suggestions on what to write/give ><;;;; I would really appreciate any help you can give. Onegai-shimasu! *bows*

I also come bearing gifts ^_^v

Neoromance and GunXSword Clips under the cutCollapse )

♥ Merry Christmas, Everyone!!! ♥
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interview clip and some dramas

I almost forgot to share this because I was so busy at work o_O Short interview about Saiyuki Requiem with Hoshi-kun looking so very young and kawaiiiii~~
Grab it before it expires!!! Thanks to krolanioi for uploading!
Saiyuki Requiem Short Interview *uploaded oct 7*
- Seki Toshihiko, Ishida Akira, Hirata Hiroaki, Hoshi Souichirou

And the multiple tracks version thanks to starsdust
Koi Suru Jewelry Designer - multiple tracks version (50MB) *uploaded oct 10*
- Morikawa Toshiyuki x Hoshi Souichirou, Ishijou Kazuya, Kikuchi Masami

No new uploads, but links on where to find more Hoshi goodies behind the cut...Collapse )

Hoshi-kun is not always the lead character in some of the dramas I listed, but I assure you he's part of the cast. Hope this helps all you Hoshi fans out there.

[p.s. if anyone on this list wants to be removed, please let me know and I will respect your wishes. thanks once again for sharing~<3]
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Saiu no Yorikage (live)

Had this song ages ago. Managed to get the video clip this time, thanks to krolanioi. I like his performance at Haruka Matsuri better. Will share that clip as soon as I figure out how to convert/edit files from rmvb.

I like his choice of clothes though. He kinda has the same taste as Seki Tomokazu, except Seki's more goofy and casual. Hoshi leans toward the army brat look ^_^

Hoshi Souichirou - Saiu no Yorikage (NeoRomance Live 2003 Autumn)

Hoshi Full Body

watch the video (62MB)
listen to the song (4MB)

[EDIT: Please comment if you download. And if it expires, let me know and I'll reupload as soon as I can ^_^v]