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Gian from Lucky Dog 1
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finally finish! x3

dont know who but i know he is from Haruka and voiced by hoshi san +O+!!!!!

please tell me what you think! x3 this is my best CG so far :D i'll upload it at my DA later~ :3
:D )

question: do anyone know where can i dl haruka ova 2 (not 1!!!) thanks~

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Hoshi LJ Icon

Hiya all, I have an extra icon here that needs a home. I made it ages ago but since I have limited icon slots, I didn't use this one. I pretty much make icons this way, as the mood strikes me XD Or when I see a pic with a coffee/mug in it (.....) I was actually looking for pics to use for the community logo and ended up making it ^^;;

Hoshi in PJ's
Hoshi in PJ's

Anyways, feel free to grab this or show Hoshi icons of your own. Just use this community when you credit. I actually have another one in mind, one where the caption is PAPPI~ <3 Anyone got suggestions for a good pic for it?

I have very few Hoshi pics and none seem to fit the bill. It seems to be a trademark word of his..
- I've heard him use it in when he guested in the Sukisho Radio Broadcasts.
- He drew a cartoon and signed it in an interview article.
- He even used it in a live all-cast hachiyou song (Haruka, kimi no moto he... haruka matsuri 2005 version) when the cast was being introduced to the audience one by one.

So, don't be shy! Any and all fanwork based on him or his characters are more than welcome here. Keep on sharing!