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Need Help +Clips

Fangirl Needs Tutoring Help

Here's the thing, I have zero ideas on what to write/send to Hoshi Souichirou. Because while I've been fangirling over his voice for quite some time now, I have only recently began to fangirl over the person. So what I am requesting is any information you have about his favorite things, his preferences, anything of a personal nature that you know. It could even be something as simple as a comment he made in a cast talk. I don't understand all that many japanese words so I wouldn't understand if I listened anyway. So please help a poor fangirl find her way. Or you could give me suggestions on what to write/give ><;;;; I would really appreciate any help you can give. Onegai-shimasu! *bows*

I also come bearing gifts ^_^v

Neoromance and GunXSword Clips under the cutCollapse )

♥ Merry Christmas, Everyone!!! ♥
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[Anime Clips] Tenjou Tenge OAV2

I know I promised Saiyuki Reload Ura Sai clips... unfortunately I forgot that someone borrowed my copy ^^;;;; I have a couple of eps here, but I don't like the fact that they're incomplete. Plus some of the ura sai are in a series and one of my favorites, paper sumo, is not among the ones I have with me. So I'll upload them once I get them back. Sorry for the delay. Might have a different surprise up soon though, depending on how the upload gods are fairing.

Meanwhile, I bring you Tenjou Tenge OAV 2 clips. I have yet to watch the oavs in their entirety. Just previewed it a bit to see if Black Nagi appears ♥ But as soon as I saw these snippets, I just had to share them.

Bob and Nagi are such dorks :DCollapse )

I was gonna resize the clips, but the part where they're dangling off the rooftop is small enough as it is, so I decided against it. The clips are taken from the Anime-Station (whose !exploding cows! I was fond of XD) and Shinsen-Subs fansubs. Torrents for the OAV and other Tenjou Tenge episodes can be found at the Shinsen-Subs site.
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Why Harahetta?

Why did I choose to name the community harahetta? Well, it's not just because it's the most overused Goku phrase ever. It's because I heard Hoshi uttering the same phrase in 2 of his other anime. It amused me so much I decided I couldn't name the community anything else.

And without further ado, here are the video and sound clipsCollapse )

Special thanks go to starsdust for contributing the 4th one! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed hearing Hoshi-kun say harahetta in 4 different ways. If you come across any other works of his where he says harahetta, let me know so I can add to the collection :p