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A Hoshi Souichirou Community

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Hoshi Souichirou Character Guide
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Harahetta (腹減った) literally translates to 'I'm hungry' and is a word/phrase usually uttered by Goku, one of Hoshi Souichirou's more prominent roles. Further explanation on the community's name can be found here.

This used to be the Hoshi Souchirou Fan Community but it has now been moved to hoshisouichirou. The purpose of this journal is to serve as a companinion site for the Hoshi Souichirou Fan Community hoshisouichirou.

This journal aims to hold a comprehensive guide to all the characters that Hoshi Souichirou has voiced. If you are a member of hoshisouichirou, you are not required to friend this journal since all entries will be in public. All updates to this guide journal will also be announced in the community. But feel free to friend it if you want.

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