mochaholic (mochaholic) wrote in _harahetta_,

[Announcment] Community Moving

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that this community is now merging with hoshisouichirou. So please join the new community as soon as you can.

_harahetta_ is now closed to new membership and new posts. However, this journal will remain open as it will be housing the fansite for Hoshi Souichirou, which will contain comprehensive character guides and other information. It will serve as a companion site to the new fan community hoshisouichirou.

This journal will also remain open to old members for one month to give you time to move to the new community. Feel free to leave _harahetta_ anytime because all members will be removed from the member list anyway after a month has passed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this community a success. I hope you will continue to support us in the new community. So please join hoshisouichirou now. See you there!

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