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Heya, minna! I just joined yesterday. And I'm a huge fan of Sou-niisama! I especially love his voice as Kira Yamato (GS/GSD) and Fujimori Sunao (Sukisyo!). *glomp Sou-niisama* Anyways, yoroshiku ne??

Oh yeah.. I'm sharing Sou-niisama new songs. It's from Gundam SEED Destiny Suit CD vol.10: Kira Yamato X Strike Freedom. And it's Kira 2nd image songs! It's a slower beat... And looking at the lyrics... my only thought is "Woah! So beautiful! It's about Lacus!" And.. I feel like I'm hearing a wedding bells too... ^_^

EDIT: Uwaaahhh... lacus beat me to this... Oh well!

Title: Tomorrow (+ Tomorrow original Karaoke)
Role: Kira Yamato
Series: Gundam SEED Destiny
File Format: zip
File Size: 10MB

Umm... if possible, could anyone upload these songs for me?? Onegai!!! And if possible, use SaveFile or SendSpace. MegaUpload & YouSendIt HATES me. ;_;

Believe Me Again
Dancin' for Your Number
Sacred Sacrifice
Hikari no Silhouette


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