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More uploads.

I hope I didn't upload anything that was already uploaded, but here ya go. ^^; More than usual to make up for my inactivity lately.~

Aoi Kodoku
Anime Tenchou song, sung with Hirata Hiroaki, Miki Shin'ichirou, Koyasu Takehito, Yuuki Hiro, Ishida Akira, Seki Tomokazu, and Seki Toshihiko.

Dancin' for Your Number
Another Anime Tenchou song, this one sung with Ishida Akira and Yuuki Hiro.

Karin / karaoke version
GetBackers image song for Kazuki! ^_^ One of my favorite Hoshi songs. Karaoke version also uploaded.

Shikisai no Shizuku
Shiroi Manjushage
Eien no Mizukairou

All Harukanaru Toki no Naka de songs that Hoshi sings as Eisen, save for the last one which is a Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 song.

Lost My Past
Not sure what this is from, if anything, but it's a pretty song and Hoshi sings softer than usual during it.

Shining Tears / karaoke version
From his Shining Tears single (done for the game of the same name). Seems like this is one of his more popular songs.

I Can Fly
Proud of My Lonliness
Wing Area

All Saiyuki songs for Son Goku. ^^
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