June 3rd, 2006

anime mocha

[Announcement] Hoshi Souichirou Communities Unite!

Hi, everyone!

My name is mochaholic and I was the former moderator of the Hoshi Souchirou community _harahetta_. There has been a change of format and _harahetta_ is now officially closed.

Instead, we have united with hoshisouichirou. If you are a fan Hoshi Souichirou, please join us at hoshisouichirou. For members of _harahetta_, once I see you have joined hoshisouichirou, I will remove your name from the _harahetta_ member list to keep track of the number of members left there.

I will continue to make this announcement regularly in case others missed the earlier announcements. I hope you will continue to support us at hoshisouichirou. So please join us now. See you there!

And if anyone is interested to help out the community, we are currently looking for moderators and contributors. For more details, please visit hoshimods. Thanks for your time!

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