April 24th, 2006


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Heya, minna! I just joined yesterday. And I'm a huge fan of Sou-niisama! I especially love his voice as Kira Yamato (GS/GSD) and Fujimori Sunao (Sukisyo!). *glomp Sou-niisama* Anyways, yoroshiku ne??

Oh yeah.. I'm sharing Sou-niisama new songs. It's from Gundam SEED Destiny Suit CD vol.10: Kira Yamato X Strike Freedom. And it's Kira 2nd image songs! It's a slower beat... And looking at the lyrics... my only thought is "Woah! So beautiful! It's about Lacus!" And.. I feel like I'm hearing a wedding bells too... ^_^

EDIT: Uwaaahhh... lacus beat me to this... Oh well!

Title: Tomorrow (+ Tomorrow original Karaoke)
Role: Kira Yamato
Series: Gundam SEED Destiny
File Format: zip
File Size: 10MB

Umm... if possible, could anyone upload these songs for me?? Onegai!!! And if possible, use SaveFile or SendSpace. MegaUpload & YouSendIt HATES me. ;_;

Believe Me Again
Dancin' for Your Number
Sacred Sacrifice
Hikari no Silhouette


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New Season, New Hoshi!

Well, the new season has started, and Hoshi-sama has some new roles.

In "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni", Hoshi-sama voices Keiichi Maehara. Maehara is listed as one of the main characters. I have the first episode of this, but I haven't watched it yet, so I can't comment on it.

In "Digimon Savers", Hoshi-sama voices Daimon Masaru. Masaru is the main character, and sounds almost exactly like Sugino from "Tactics", and is the "I wanna fight strong people" type of character (but he doesn't sound as much like Nagi Souichiro from "Tenjho Tenge" as he does Sugino).

Well, those are the only ones listed on ANN that I've found, but there's a good chance he may do minor roles later in series, so I'll keep my eyes/ears out.