February 22nd, 2006


Hoshi-san Cross-Dresses on Live Show

Does anyone here have Morikawa Toshiyuki to Hiyama Nobuyuki no Omaera no Tame daro! Kono Tako ga! full video?

I'd really love to see Hoshi cross-dresses. I saw the backstage clip which was uploaded in seiyuu a few days back, and I only saw a glimpse of Hoshi wearing orange shirt (no make-ups done yet).

This kinda remind me of Sukisyo... where Sunao wears that pink dress.

EDIT: I changed the subject title to a more catchy one, rather than saying "request/question .....". I hope you all like the new subject.

EDIT2: I didn't realise this show is almost an annual event. So there is the original, then Deluxe Dai, Saba, and Kono Tako Ga! ... as far as I know, Hoshi only appears in the Tako Ga.