January 23rd, 2006


Blazing Souls

Finally, my first post on a comm ... ever.

Well, just a short note to the hardcore gamers (like me), that Hoshi-kun has voiced yet another character.
I got this game Blazing Souls 10 minutes ago, and checked the website, where I found that he voiced a character in the game. Through my very limited ability in Japanese, I only can confirm the seiyuu's name. I cannot get the character's name at all (worried that I got it wrong).
Plus he does that throaty voice again, which makes it harder for me to get the name. One of those big bad guy appearance who's pretty quiet and only speaks as needed.

The link below should get you to the character's page.

Tell me if anyone wants me to make a short synopsis of what the gameplay is like. I can only comment on gameplay and not so much on characters at this stage. But it is definitely a tactical based RPG.