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[Announcement] Hoshi Souichirou Communities Unite!

Hi, everyone!

My name is mochaholic and I was the former moderator of the Hoshi Souchirou community _harahetta_. There has been a change of format and _harahetta_ is now officially closed.

Instead, we have united with hoshisouichirou. If you are a fan Hoshi Souichirou, please join us at hoshisouichirou. For members of _harahetta_, once I see you have joined hoshisouichirou, I will remove your name from the _harahetta_ member list to keep track of the number of members left there.

I will continue to make this announcement regularly in case others missed the earlier announcements. I hope you will continue to support us at hoshisouichirou. So please join us now. See you there!

And if anyone is interested to help out the community, we are currently looking for moderators and contributors. For more details, please visit hoshimods. Thanks for your time!

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[Announcment] Community Moving

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that this community is now merging with hoshisouichirou. So please join the new community as soon as you can.

_harahetta_ is now closed to new membership and new posts. However, this journal will remain open as it will be housing the fansite for Hoshi Souichirou, which will contain comprehensive character guides and other information. It will serve as a companion site to the new fan community hoshisouichirou.

This journal will also remain open to old members for one month to give you time to move to the new community. Feel free to leave _harahetta_ anytime because all members will be removed from the member list anyway after a month has passed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this community a success. I hope you will continue to support us in the new community. So please join hoshisouichirou now. See you there!
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need help with name for hoshi community

Because hoshi_souichirou is one character too long (lj usersnames have
to be 15 characters only) and hoshisouichirou is already taken, I need
help with a new name for the community. Here are some variations I
thought of but I just can't decide.

[EDIT: Thanks to slacker_me ♥ for making a very good suggestion. Does anyone know if Hoshi has a nickname or shortened version for his name? Like MikiShin, SekiTomo, Midorin, MoriMori, something like that? Somehow, I don't think HoshiSou will work XDDD]

( Fake cut to my journal )
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hi, im new to this journal but I'm so glad I found it. I love Hoshi!! Also i feel bad asking but does anyone know where i can get summer illusion 1 and 2 and spring illusion? Id be most greatful!

Sank Yuu!
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New Season, New Hoshi!

Well, the new season has started, and Hoshi-sama has some new roles.

In "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni", Hoshi-sama voices Keiichi Maehara. Maehara is listed as one of the main characters. I have the first episode of this, but I haven't watched it yet, so I can't comment on it.

In "Digimon Savers", Hoshi-sama voices Daimon Masaru. Masaru is the main character, and sounds almost exactly like Sugino from "Tactics", and is the "I wanna fight strong people" type of character (but he doesn't sound as much like Nagi Souichiro from "Tenjho Tenge" as he does Sugino).

Well, those are the only ones listed on ANN that I've found, but there's a good chance he may do minor roles later in series, so I'll keep my eyes/ears out.

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Heya, minna! I just joined yesterday. And I'm a huge fan of Sou-niisama! I especially love his voice as Kira Yamato (GS/GSD) and Fujimori Sunao (Sukisyo!). *glomp Sou-niisama* Anyways, yoroshiku ne??

Oh yeah.. I'm sharing Sou-niisama new songs. It's from Gundam SEED Destiny Suit CD vol.10: Kira Yamato X Strike Freedom. And it's Kira 2nd image songs! It's a slower beat... And looking at the lyrics... my only thought is "Woah! So beautiful! It's about Lacus!" And.. I feel like I'm hearing a wedding bells too... ^_^

EDIT: Uwaaahhh... lacus beat me to this... Oh well!

Title: Tomorrow (+ Tomorrow original Karaoke)
Role: Kira Yamato
Series: Gundam SEED Destiny
File Format: zip
File Size: 10MB

Umm... if possible, could anyone upload these songs for me?? Onegai!!! And if possible, use SaveFile or SendSpace. MegaUpload & YouSendIt HATES me. ;_;

Believe Me Again
Dancin' for Your Number
Sacred Sacrifice
Hikari no Silhouette


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Shugo Hanasaki

Might as well make my entrance

Hi everyone! I'm Shugo. Im a huge fan of Hoshi Souichirou and i absolutely adore his character songs. Goku from Saiyuki is probaly one of my favorites that Hoshi has done because he's such a little kid looking food all the time and so cute. Also chaos is way up there from Xenosaga.

Anyway i was wondering if i could request some Hoshi Songs please ^_^
I noticed you had them all up along time ago but most of them don't work anymore

Hoshi Souichirou & Akira Ishida - Dancin' for your Number
Hoshi Souichirou - Hanashuu
Hoshi Souichirou - Tabidachi
Hoshi Souichirou - Shining Tears (Instrumental)
Hoshi Souichirou - Place (Instrumental)
Hoshi Souichirou - Shikisai no Shizuku

Any of those would be very much appreacited. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Whee, some Hoshi-sama updates!!

First off, chaos now has his character designs released, and Hoshi-sama has been confirmed as his voice (even though it was already obvious from the trailers).

Character Design

Also, we've got a new Hoshi-sama song! Apparently the name of it is "Tamayura no Shizuku", and it's sung by Hoshi, Inoue Kazuhiko, and Takahiro Sakurai. You can hear it here if you click "enter," then go to Gallery (third link on navagation) and view the trailer. Very pretty song.

Hoshi-san Cross-Dresses on Live Show

Does anyone here have Morikawa Toshiyuki to Hiyama Nobuyuki no Omaera no Tame daro! Kono Tako ga! full video?

I'd really love to see Hoshi cross-dresses. I saw the backstage clip which was uploaded in seiyuu a few days back, and I only saw a glimpse of Hoshi wearing orange shirt (no make-ups done yet).

This kinda remind me of Sukisyo... where Sunao wears that pink dress.

EDIT: I changed the subject title to a more catchy one, rather than saying "request/question .....". I hope you all like the new subject.

EDIT2: I didn't realise this show is almost an annual event. So there is the original, then Deluxe Dai, Saba, and Kono Tako Ga! ... as far as I know, Hoshi only appears in the Tako Ga.