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My Halloween...

Finally found the lead to my camera and thought I'd post up a few photos of my Halloween decs for this year. All bit simple compared to what folks get up to state side, but at least I had a go...*g*

This what greeted any trick-or-treater when they arrived. I'd stuck my Grim reaper (who sound activated and who says various phrases)and my pumpkins, both plastic and real. I threw together the large tree in the urn from using a big branch I got from the garden, which I sprayed black and set into a plastic urn that I had. Years ago I'd given It that rusted look with various paints. I then hung a few of those cheap plastic pumpkin mini pails that you can get on it just to add a bit of colour.

I used the wreath that I'd made last year as I liked it so much.

Inside in the hallway I'd put this together. I made the tiny light up tree in the rusty urn myself using some bit and bobs lying around. I sprayed a £1 shop set of fairy lights black to added it to it.I also made the tiny little ornaments which were made out of plastic clay. I threw the whole thing together on the day as I was running out of time somewhat. I was trying to copy the primitive style, but I don't know If I succeeded really. *g*

I know It doesn't show properly in the photo, but the Skellies were those 12" black glitter ones you can get, which seemed to go well with the black tinsel and black leaf garland.

I'd got about 6 sets of 'treaters' that night. All really young kids with their parents. As per I'd overdone it on the candy front and was left with a bucket load afterwards. Also this year I thought I'd try something new and I got a few of those glow stick bracelets in for the kids to have, which seemed to be a big hit, especially with the girlies, some of which were a wee bit wary of my talking reaper, despite their Mums telling them it was made out of plastic and wasn't real. *g*

All in all It was a good night really.

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