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My Halloween display his year....

Made a quick little Halloween display for my front door on Sunday in anticipation of the trick or Treaters. Nothing too fancy as over here in the UK we don't celebrate it quite as much as in the States. We're slowly catching up though...*g* (image heavy)

Unlit during the day...

And lit night.

I very quickly threw him together from scratch except for the head which I managed to get for all of 38p locally. Made him a body out of wire and masking tape, gave him a lick of paint and some scraggy coverings and away you go.

I put together this wreath from parts of a wreath I got off of eBay and altered by adding more silk flowers which I got from the £1 shop and spray painted black as well as adding and some black sparkly stuff. I also added some drop beads and the skulls as well as some battery powered fairy lights.

And here it is at night...

I also made a small back up wreath using some plastic bones I managed to get cheap (£2.50 a bag) which I also added some lights too. Hung that in the window, which as you can see is just wringing with condensation as per. *g*. Thought It made for an atmospheric piccy though.

And a final look at the whole thing. Sorry for the fuzziness, but to be fair It was pitch dark....

Ended up getting a load of 'Trick or treaters which was nice. They managed to practically clear me out when it came to candy. *g* All very young kids in fancy dress with their long suffering parents in tow. So, so cute. :)

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