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Alice in Wonderland party photos :D

My housemates and I had an Alice in Wonderland themed party on Friday. Here are a few of the best photos from the night.

Some of the decor (I made the cards, mushroom and Cheshire Cat face from large pieces of felt. I had an already-damaged Goodwill copy of the book that I ripped the pages out of and put on the walls. ;D)

Our pumpkins! :D

The food and drinks - the cocktails were White Rabbits, Cheshire Cats and Mad Hatters, plus two of my own invention - The Red Queen (pomegranate schnapps, grenadine and 7up) and Through the Looking Glass (absinthe and vanilla vodka, with sugar cube and water)

Off with his head~

Obligatory funky angel shot.

(this is me =p)

It was a really fun night. The rest of the photos are here if anyone wants to see them all.
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