December 14th, 2005


The Hudson County Werewolf!
Dear Weird NJ:
My name is Carla and I was just reading an article in your newest release titled "Owooo...Werewolves of Wayne." Well, let me tell you a story!

My boyfriend and I are EDT's in the small but expanding town of Bayonne. One night when I left work early, he told me of an experience that was waaaaaaaaaaay out of the ordinary. That partly cloudy (but moonlit) night he was on his way back to Bayonne from transporting a patient from Jersey City with his friend and partner Mike (who was fast asleep in the passenger seat when the incident occurred).

From Montgomery Street he got on the Turnpike ramp, which was slightly wet from drizzle. He began to drive up it when he saw a large (he described it as HUGE) very muscular dog/wolf-like creature covered in short black fur with longer fur around the shoulder blades and neck. It had long muscular legs and yellowish eyes and it was walking across the ramp. He slammed on his brakes as the car in front had done, and the creature looked up and continued on its way.

He said it was unlike anything he's ever seen before. His partner was completely unaware of what had happened but I'll tell you this: I'd know if he was bullshitting me, and he wasn't. The look on his face while he was telling me this was priceless. As he's telling me about his encounter, I could see the goose bumps rise from his arms.

I believe there is something out there but what exactly is it? Perhaps maybe someone who lives in the area can help us figure it out! I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there that have seen this or other strange creatures. Please keep the good werewolf articles coming! –Carla, Weirded Out in Bayonne