October 30th, 2005

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Ojigi Boards

I hate Ojigi Boards. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to create a “seemingly harmless child’s game” that could summon spirits should be slapped. Perhaps I should explain where I’m coming from.

I had a Halloween party tonight. Yes, yes. It was good. Destroyed my front yard with silly string and ate myself under the table with bats shaped cookies. Tied orange bows around my cats’ tails too. They still have them on. But, I digress. This party was a mix of new friends from work and old friends from elementary school. They got along fine, that wasn’t the problem.

We were watching Silence of the Lambs when we paused for bathroom breaks and a popcorn refill. We all trooped out of the Rex Room and I went to go man the microwave for some more popcorn. Well, when I came back to the Rex Room I could see that the light was out and both my cats are peeking around the corner with that “look” on their faces. You know what I’m talking about cat people. The “I’m seeing something really interesting but you probably won’t like it” look. Yeah, that look. I walk into the room to find that one of my new friends had brought an Ojigi Board with them. I hate those things. My old friends know this and are huddled in the corner looking concerned. Cowards.

Why do I hate Ojigi Boards so much? Simple. They work. My old friends and I have done many a party and late night spook fest with Ojigi Boards and Table Tipping and Mirror Summoning and Séances and what have you. I believe in ghosts. I have had numerous encounters with ghosts and not all of them good. I have first hand experience that if you call, they will answer. Every time we do anything of the sort in my house, all hell breaks out. And I’m the one who has to suffer the bumps in the night.

My new friends had taken all of my decorative candles and placed them around the coffee table. They then placed themselves around the board with fingers on the pointer. They were on the “What is your name?” question when I got there. I dropped the popcorn and vaulted the couch when the pointer started to move. I then ripped the pointer from their hands and flipped the board face down, yelling for them to stop. I was too late. The mirror by the door falls to the floor and several candles nearest the coffee table gut out. There was a moment of silence and then I say the only thing that could be said at that moment, “Ah hell.”

My new friends were thrilled and fascinated. They argued that they wanted to continue and I told them “not in my fucking house, sunshine”. I pretty much kicked them out when Kim wanted to do a Séance. No way on God’s green Earth am I doing a Séance with a bunch of novices. Especially this close to Halloween.

As is, my father has come in twice to tell me to go turn off the downstairs TV. ::sob:: It’s not on! And no matter what I tell him, he won’t believe me! I get all this crap from my mother’s side of the family. Both my Mom and my Grandma have the same ‘sensitivity’, as my Grandma calls it. I’ll be as sensitive as anyone wants me to be if the spirit my friends called up would follow them home!

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three hours until halloween

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This photo features 24 of the cutest (and tastiest) ghosts you've ever seen. They're dum-dum lollipops wrapped in napkins, tied with ribbon and dotted with black marker for eyes. I hope my coworkers enjoy them as much as I do and I hope you all enjoy your Halloween. :)

I made those suckers (mind the pun) this evening right before...

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Party Time!

I've just about recovered from a train crash of a hang over after my Halloween party last night! It was really good :D
After decorating and cooking all yesterday and then partying on an amount of sangria most seasoned alcoholics would cringe at... i am now absolutely knackered! So before i fall asleep, on with the photos (and they're good, even if i do say so myself :p)

Atmospheric! (Aside from the fact my sister is somewhere in this pic pulling a stupid face..) I ripped off toddskyfire on this pumpkin, was it from Creepshow or something? Anyway, i had the pic saved on my computer from ages ago and it's freaking cute! My boyfriend did the haunted house one (and you can tell!)
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The rest of my photos are here and my friend Dan took some too which are here. There's a video of dancing along to The Adams Family theme tune but i won't inflict it on you!
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For Halloween my dorm does trick-or-treating and a haunted house for local kids to give them a safe trick-or-treating environment. They did it a day early this year because most of the school is going to a concert that is being held tomorrow. So a bunch of us dressed up for the little kids, I was a skeleton.


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