October 28th, 2005


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i'm going to Sleepy Hollow tomorrow!!! (you know, the town in NY that the headless horsemen was from). i'm so excited, i've been looking foward to this for months :)

Happy Hallowe'en!!!
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Hi, new here...

name: Lindsey (voodoo baby)

Age: 23

height: 5'11"

Hometown: Casselberry, FL

Mini-Me's: 2

Hobbies: Self Portraits, making myself into a comic book whore (thank you photoshop :), being naked, horror movies, my horses (yes i am a dork with horses), hair and makeup, sewing...ok so I'm not so interesting

Music: punk, metal, hardcore, grind, rockabilly, psycobilly, classic country, cock rock, and other stuff..

Style: I don't think I have one...tank tops and jeans??? I'm a loser, sorry

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Yes, that's me. I have more on my MY SPACE and LJ (that aren't so photoshopped) and yes...my boobs are fake (to get ahead of the many questions and comments I am sure to get)

Anyway...that's it about me, sorry if I'm boring :)

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I'm so lucky to work in a place where everyone else loves Halloween too. Today we had a great party, unfortunately I forgot my camera at home. We also had trick-or-treating. Our hallways were assigned street names and our offices had addresses. We were incouraged to decorate our office and hallway in the theme of our street.
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I finally got around to carving my pumpkin this evening:

What do you think? It's plain and simple, but I like owls so it's fine to me. :)

So I have the pumpkin seeds in the oven, but is there anything you can do with the "guts" of the pumpkin (you know, instead of chucking them at people and having the urge to squish your fingers in them)? Does anyone have any recipes?