October 26th, 2005


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Hello everyone, my name is Lauren and I love everthing about Halloween,  <|:) I will post some pics, craft ideas and recipes later just thought I would say Hi. Oh you can check out my Halloween LJ Layout on my LJ page.

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Sooo I was going to post pics in here cause I relize I don't post in here often enough. Some Halloween pics from last year when I threw a bitchin' party with booze, hard liquor and blood everywhere and in every pic. All because my best friends boyfriend went around spiting blood on everyone, so it got every where. All over my apartment walls, :( and in everyones hair and on their costumes... So needless to say I didn't get my deposit back when I moved. oh good times, defent shits and giggles. So back to my post.
So, instead I'll post this cause it makes me laugh.
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Oh also Yahoo messengers, launch music has a 'trick or treat' station, which I am currantly listening to and that's just info I'd thought I'd share, just in case nobody else noticed.
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Halloween Decorations

Whatup peeps?! Hell yeah to my favorite holiday which is just around the bend. I thought I would show you some of the decorations I have at my apartment this year, but also at my house :)

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