October 25th, 2005

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You are Jack Skelington (my favorite)! you are extremely tall, skinny, and you are definately the best looking out of all your friends. You are kind and compassionate, but at times you can be terrifying! You grow bored of the same routine, over and over, and you want to explore something new.

Jack Skelington 80%
The Mayor 70%
Oogie Boogie 70%
Sally 65%
Lock, Shock, and Barrel 65%
Santa 40%
Evil Scientist 25%

Darn i wanted to be sally hehe.

Only five days to go peeps!!!! Mwhahahahaha
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john cig


What was that movie that came out a few years back...it had Kevin Bacon in it. It was about how he had these certain powers after this woman came over and put him in like this trance state. In the end they found the dead body of the girl that was haunting him in house. Anyway point being...that little kid that played his son in the movie....when I watch that movie if it comes on tv..still scares the shit out of me. He's able to talk to the dead and he's got that creepy little voice. Does anyone know what I am ranting about?
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june 2010

So I got more info about this movie!!!!

Okay so I posted this yesterday...but I got a bit more detail..so this is now what I know: there are a bunch of homeless people flocking to this church....and everyone keeps having the same dream and in it there is a dark figure in the doorway....but no one tells anyone about the dream....and at the end you find out who the dark figure in the doorway is. So thats what I know...hope it's a little more helpful....thanx in advance!
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