October 20th, 2005

  • mkcole

Our Decorations...

This year we didn't decorate as much. We are remodeling the house so dragging all the Halloween stuff out seemed more like a hassle than anything. I just took a few things that I could leave out through November (mainly pumpkins and scarecrows). I left most of the Halloweenish stuff put up. We may decide to drag a few things out the weekend of Halloween for the treak-or-treaters.

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  • jolefay

Cancel Christmas MORE HALLOWEEN

Why do some people think Halloween is Evil when in all actuality the history of it is very freaking opposite.
The true history of Halloween as I know it.
To scare away the evil spirits by wearing masks and dressing up before the Day of the Dead.
Now what's so "evil" about scaring away evil spirits. I don't get it. Well I do get the retarded view of why it's bad to acknowledge the dead? Anyway. The article goes into this minister saying Halloween is having more or the same prominance as Christmas. Geeeee. I wonder why... Maybe because some people prefer to spend their money on COOL STUFF..instead of buying a bunch of people they only see once a year a present. I put this in the Halloween community because well.. I think some of you may share my feeling..
Halloween is a purposeful Holiday..

I am an addict!

I never thought i'd say this, but i'm going to stop buying Halloween things now. I know there's 11 days left but i really have spent an awful lot of money, i have 4 bags full of stuff all waiting for my party and there is no-where else in my room to display anything! I am going to resist temptation! (Pumpkins don't count :p I *need* them. Obviously!)
So, the last thing i bought was this monsterous creation from my local "Pound Empire" for, you guessed it, £1 :) That's an investment i can live with.

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