October 19th, 2005

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Hi im in minnesnowda. totaly new on livejournal, TOTALY love haloween, costumes, partys all that. Just wanted to say hi. I already went to one partyt last weekend as a schoolgirl with the tie and skirt and all that and in two weeks im going to another but i dont now what ill go as. something creepyer bwahahah
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Movie Title

Hellllo My Fellow Halloweenies:

I need your help remembering a movie title. Or atleast confirmation that this movie even existed. I remember wathing around Halloween and it was usually on a weekend.

THe plot line is a boy becomes sick and his friends have to get his soul back by traveling through a magical tree that would land them in different halloween celebrations, like Day of the Dead in Mexico. There the boys see their names written on Candy skulls and their friend's skull is stolen. Of course they save his soul and the boy gets better.

Does any of this ring a bell? I've been racking my brain all frigging month over it and I can't remember. I do know that it was shown on a network channel- ABC, NBC, CBS. I want to say CBS, since they tend to show things like that.

Can someone help me out here?
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