October 17th, 2005

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I couldn't find a costume I liked and I tried 5 different stores.
So, I decided to throw some crap together. I'm going goth/freakish/idontknowwhatthefuckiam.

Here is a mask and wig I picked up. It's so pretty, yet horrifying at the same time.

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New Halloweeness!

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Cat-guy who was only £3 in TK Maxx because his hot glued arm and basket had come away. He's fixed now :) The pumpkin's not finished, i need to put the pumpkiny lines on and tone, but it's a load of old newspaper balls wrapped up in more newspaper and twisted up at the top for the stem. It could be refined loads as it was meant to be a test run that turned out looking half presentable!

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I need one more painting for the frames and i was thinking of breaking away from another portrait and doing on of a haunted house. So, has anyone got any good photos or ideas for a stereotypical haunted house? Thankyou!
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Skellybet B

Small Priests

This is a painting I did last year for my Dark Sisters Series. If you tend to see the darker side of life, then you've probably already met some characters such as these! In honor of Halloween, Days of the Dead, and Samhain, I'm auctioning off this painting starting at ONE PENNY!

CLICK HERE for more details on "Dark Sister's #3: Small Priests"

As the Dark Sisters always say, "Sugar and Spice, and everything Dead." MWAAAAHAAAHAHA HAH HA!!

Eat your face

Making Boards...

I'm going to be making some ouija boards to sell on e-bay, but for safteys sake - cuz you always get some idiot who does something stoopid - I'm gonna supply a do and don't list. But I'm a bit stuck on what to put on the list, so far all I've got is:
Don't ask whatever your talking to to prove its real.
Always say goodbye.

Has anyone got any good, safe advice for my do and don't list? I'm making these boards to be both practicle and decorative, so I want them to be used sencibly.
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Michael is a Pussy anyway

Lily and Herman Munster

Halloween is special to me, not only because it's my favorite holiday, but it's also my Anniversary.
My hubby and I got married on Halloween 10/31/98. This will be our 7th anniversary...
Our wedding was so fun. We had a costume ball for the reception. Everyone dressed up.. My bridesmaids wore black veils and walked down the aile to Phantom of the Ophera. OUr wedding cake had Lily and Herman Munster as our cake toppers and Freddy Krueger's glove was the grooms cake.
Here is our wedding invitation. (click the lj cut to see the rest of the wedding pics, I am sorry they are rather large pics. I did resize them before I uploaded them and when I post them from the website they post huge, sorry I am working on this)

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"Take a chance."

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Hello again to everyone. I thought I would share what I have so far for my Pre-Halloween party. (Sunday before Halloween.)


Streamers: White, Orange, And Black
Spider Webs + 2 Spiders
5 Glow In The Dark Window Cling Skulls
25 Goodie Bags
10 Re-usable Plastic Cups: Green And Black (With Skeletons)
4 Smelly Good Votive Candles: Orange and Black
6 Gummy Skeletons
Roll Of Pumpkin Stickers
20 Small Sheets Of Stickers
22 Small Halloween Ornaments
12 Halloween Pencils
2 Pumpkin Votive Holders: Black & Purple/Orange (They Hang From Long Metal Rods Stuck In The Ground Outside.)
A Mummy Candle That Bleeds From His: Ears, Mouth, Nose, Eyes
Large Jack-O-Latern Votive Burner
4 Small Pumpkin Candles
2 Large Candles That Have Carved Sayings/Creepy & Spooky, (I believe.) Purple And Orange
Plastic Horse Flies
2 Spooky CDs
Pumpkin Carving Kit
Metal Spider: Legs, Teeth, & Eyes For A Small Pumpkin
A Blow-Up Skull Head
BIG Pumpkin Trash Bag, (To Fill with Leaves & Set Outside.)
2 Wire Spider Webs-With Furry Spiders
Enter If You Dare Tape
A Balancing Bat That Sits On A Castle
Purple Lights
Purple Light-Up Skull
2 Bags Of Halloween Confetti
Spider Web Table Cloth
Sorry if I put some things twice...I'm sure I forgot something, (Hope not.) I WILL be getting lots more. Goodness, I've spent so much on this party...^_^ I'm also going to have a scary Frankenstein sitting at the end of the hallway. (We're making him with old clothes and such.) Heehee. I would love to know from anyone else who is throwing a party. Ideas, plans, items bought, pictures, anything. Just let me know how it's going and all. Also, I'm taking regular old black trash bags and making some streamers with those. I plan on buying the little hanging ghosts you stuff with newspaper and hang from trees too. But yes, ideas are great...and I love hearing from everyone else too, it's loads of fun.


Black Bat Punch
Pumpkin Spice Bars
Cauldron Cakes (Made Some Today.) ^_^
Veggie Plate (Hopefully It Will Be Gross-Like) Red Ranch Dip Or Something.
Live Wire Mountain Dew
Cherry Vanilla Coke
Mello Yellow
Pumpkin Seeds
Candy Corn/Pumpkins
Candy Corn Fudge
Orange Jack-O-Laterns Filled With Chocolate Ice Cream
Gummy Worm Ice/Horse Fly Ice
Dinner, (Dunno What Yet)
Like the last list...I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from.

Gosh, I need to go away, way too long of a post here. Oh! How is it going with the Halloween Spirit Packages??? Good I hope! I'm still packing mine here and there, SOOO excited. ^_^ Let me know!!!

I'm sooo sorry if this is boring and/or way too long. =/ *Hides* I shall go back to my hiding place now. *Runs*

P.S. I'm going to be a blonde cult member for my party. Heehee... so far I have a robe, shoes, gloves, and fishnet. I'm still looking for make-up ideas though. Tata! <3
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Pumpkin Carving

It was pumpkin carving time over here tonight; it's just the beginning, as I've really been influenced by this for my future carving fun; so why not start on things easy:

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Hopefully something new & creative will pop up after all the templates!:P

Edit: There's a door decorating contest at my apartment, with such little space, does anyone have any creative ideas?
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