October 13th, 2005

"Take a chance."

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You know what? I've posted in this community several times but I never introduced myself. I am pure evil... Sorry about that one! Well, my name is Heather ^_^ ... I'm 18, live in Bassett VA, and yes...YES I love Halloween. Halloween should be 365 days a year, (If I ruled the world it would be.) Heehee! 

How are the Halloween Spirit packages coming??? =P I've started on mine, adding stuff here and there. I'm very excited... ^_^

I think I'm almost ready for my Halloween party on the 30th! It's kinda stressful trying to get everything together but it'll be great. With lots of goodies, music, costume contest...the whole lot. I do have several questions if you guys don't mind...<3

1) I finally bought a Halloween costume...I got it from Wal-mart which is fine by me. It's a cloak-like costume, big hood...long sleeves, it's pretty cool actually...it has a design on the hood and sleeves as well. I'm going to be a cult member for Halloween. =P Dumb??? I just need accessories and make-up ideas (I have fishnets) =/ I mean...OH! and maybe a specific cult name, one that wore black? Eh. Haha!

Uhm, that might be the only question...HA! I'm a crazy child tonight.


2) Perhaps some simple, Great decoration ideas for my party. I have several things but there's always room for suggestions. =D

I can't think of anything else...Sooo, with that said I'll shut up...=P

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