October 11th, 2005

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Well, have we all come to the decision about what we're going to be for Halloween this year? Are all of our plans in order? After changing my costume idea and plans a bunch of times (but when doesn't this ever happen), I think I've finally made my decision:

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Halloween Costumes!!

Hi, I've been posting here for awhile, some of you have voted in my crazy polls, so I thought if no one minds I might slip in a plug.

I noticed that a lot of people are talking about costumes and some of you are still looking for them. Well I make costumes. I'm currently selling some Renaissance costumes on ebay here http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZwavie2QQhtZ-1 , but I also made Harry Potter costumes, Star Wars costumes and various others including a Neo costume that we adapted for a HBP party and used for a very sexy Snape.

I have more pictures of costumes that I can send upon request.

Anyway, If you're interested, I'm very competitive with other costumers. Compare my ebay items, most ladies Renaissance costumes go for around $100 or more.

So, if you desire more information or if you think you might be interested you can contact me via the LJ or my email ttimefashions(@)gmail(.)com

Thanks, T

Hope it was okay to plug here, Cheers!!
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I love this weather seriously!

I am so excited less than 3 weeks until Halloween yay.I am still debating on what I should be for Halloween I am such a slacker I will come up with something soon I am sure.I am so loving the weather outside as well.By the way what is everyone else being for Halloween?
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