October 10th, 2005

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A verrrry happy Halloween to you too

Here are some thrifty yet spook-tastic Halloween decoration ideas for those who are having a party. The best part of a Halloween party, second only to the spooky costumes, is the decorations. Sadly, not all of us can afford whatever we fancy from Fright Catalogue, so here are some of my well-used tips for creating an eery atmosphere for your guests. Enjoy!

For the record, I've put a lot of effort into writing this. Please, if you decide to share it elsewhere, credit me or be doomed to suffer my eternal sweetly spooky wrath.

1. If possible, use dim lighting in the bathroom (if you only have the one light, leave it off and either put candles in a place where they are unlikely to get knocked over, or use glow sticks - see number 2). Use ordinary, cheap fake blood in a squeezy bottle, and pour a straight line across the top of your mirror. It will drip down and look wicked, plus it will still leave enough mirror space for your guests to re-apply fangs/make up and straighten horns/wings. If you have enough blood, a gory bath and/or shower can also be fun, especially if you have a fake body part to add to the mix.

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Let me know if you use any of my ideas. Pictures are also fun! (Vaguely thinking of adding this to my website-in-the-making, so any pictures would rock).

Enjoy :) (cross-posted to my own community, sweetly_spooky, and to my personal journal. )

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Last year my boyfriend put on a Halloween party, but we basically did the same things we always do when we hang out, only in costumes. This year I want to help him make it better, because some of our friends are passing up going to Voodoo fest to come to this party. I really enjoyed the party decoration ideas that were posted not too long ago, and I will do as many of those I can, without messing up the house (it's not my house). And I've also found a few ideas from a magazien, but they seem too kiddy. Our problem is, we are too old to do kiddy things and too young to drink and such.

What I have so far is:

1. Costume-judging contest with prizes for "best," "ugliest," and "most work put into a costume."

2. An obsticale course game were party members try to get an armfull of ping-pong eyeballs from point A to point B with out dropping too many.

If you have any more ideas, please let me know.

EDIT: Thank you all for the ideas you responded with!
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I thought some of you here may be interested in 2 dresses I have up for auction that would be great for Halloween costumes. Click on links:

The Perfect Long Black Gothic Spooky Vampire Halloween Dress

Glitzy Glam Marilyn Monroe Rocky Horrish Dress

And here's some pics from last Halloween. I decorated my computer at work with these really cute halloween lights; there's a string of hanging pumpkins & some pumpkins with little black cats & skulls. The lights are awesome they have little tiny bulbs inside & they run off 2 AA batteries or they sell an adapter so they can be plugged into an electric outlet. Unfortunately they didn't show up that well in the photo.

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Chocolate Eyeballs & Skull Lollipops... Yummy
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I do this every year at work & I'm one of a few people at my job that actually come to work dressed in Halloween attire. They think I'm whacked but I don't care... lol. I love Halloween.