October 9th, 2005


Move your dead bones...

Don't know if you ever seen the movie "Beyond Re-animator" ( I never have but it seems interesting)

But, since you rarely hear dance music or really any kind of music in which you hear about zombifying and reanimating people so I thought this was appropriate to post here.


I wonder how many people will be singing this song after they listen to it.
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    "Move Your Dead Bones" ~ Dr. Reanimator
"Take a chance."

I'm new!

Hello everyone...I was thinking and I've come up with an idea. I'm not sure if anyone would like to participate but I'm willing to give it a shot. I thought that it would be very neat to send and recieve Halloween Spirit packages, (or at least I've named them that.) All they would be is a small box, bag, ect. with perhaps some of your local Halloween candy, a card, confetti, mixed cds with scary sounds and your favorite Halloween songs, maybe baked goods, toys, pictures of your costume-your decorations...stuff like that., Anything that you would want to put in your package...just be creative and make sure it's all Halloween goodies.

All you need to do is comment for this post saying that you'd like to participate and also put down your E-mail. Then whoever wants to participate as well can comment to you and give you there E-mail. (Then start all over ect.) It doesn't matter who you have to trade with either...and you can also have more than one trader if you'd like...just start a new comment thread with the same info. I'm sure that everyone in this community will actually send packages and not lie about it, everyone here is nicey nice...^_^

Sooo, I think it's a great idea...and if you'd like to do this just start seperate comments so that people can reply to you and you can both start sending your Halloween Spirit packages. Yay!
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    "The Nightmare Before Christmas"-"This Is Halloween"
me bw bluetint

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Hello, I'm new to the community, though I've been reading for a bit. At any rate, we're having our annual Halloween party this year. But this year I'd really like to out-do myself. So, does anyone have advice or ideas for Halloween parties - things to do, drinks, decor, music, snacks, lighting, spooky effects. Especially, if anybody has any tips or tricks for incorporating some haunted house elements into our home, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

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