October 8th, 2005


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this really really sucks. where i'm from, it's going to be raining literally all week to next saturday. it's HORRIBLE. i had all these things planned out this weekend, and next saturday, and now they're all ruined by rain. i'm thinking of still going to the places though and not let weather stop me. after all, this is a once a year thing. ugh, i'm so upset. i never thought about weather, i hope it doesn't rain on my trip to sleepy hollow. grrrrrrrrr.

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Okay, I need help. A friend of mine is seriously pregnant, and needs a costume to wear to the Fairy Tale Wedding we're going to a week from today. The thing is, it has to follow a "Fariy Tale" sort of theme....I'm going to be a fairy, and I know that the parents are going to be dressed as Kings and Queens.

ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated.