October 4th, 2005


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my mom and i have been fighting over my costume. she thinks i'll get ridiculed if i wear it to school. now she's making me bring a full set of clothes to change into. i know she means well, but i really don't care what the people at school think. i used to being on the bottem of the food chain, at least in the general population. i mean, i've seen lots of people dress up, but that doesn't make a differance with her. i don't think anyone understands.
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dear LJ

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If you want to be an individual this Halloween, then stay away from the following costumes. Yahoo! Web Searches has released the top 20 mask searches...
1.Slipknot Masks
2.Masquerade Masks
3.Mardi Gras Masks
4.Michael Myers Mask
5.Burger King Mask
6.Randy Moss Mask
7.Phantom of the Opera Mask
8.Mexican Wrestling Masks
9.Predator Mask
10.Rey Mysterio Mask
11.Hockey Goalie Masks
12.Scream Mask
13.Paper Mache Masks
14.Feather Masks
15.Batman Mask
16.Leatherface Mask
17.Jason Voorhees Mask
18.Jeepers Creepers Mask
19.Catwoman Mask
20. Clown Masks

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I'm doing a mini pet cemetary since I live in an apartment complex. It'll sit outside of my front door. It's a potted planter full of dirt. Summer's plants die. Halloween usage!!

Any ideas for the headstones will be useful. Thanks!
(*will post pictures later)

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