October 3rd, 2005


Zombie makeup?

I need help finding some appliances/latex stuff/anything like that to achieve a certain makeup effect. If anyone knows of any other LJ communities that might be helpful for this that would also be appreciated!
What I want to create is an appearance of one side of the mouth being torn away/pulled back so it is all bloody and you can see teeth (or you *think* you can see them.) Sort of like the little girl in the Dawn of the Dead remake (see here: http://brian-oshaughnessy.com/living-dead/images/dawn-vivian-2.jpg) except only on one side of the face...
I've been searching for zombie makeup but haven't found anything like this. It could be makeup, latex, an appliance or a prosthesis I don't care.


Yard Haunt...

Okay, so to begin...I am putting on a yard haunt this halloween. I have most of my supplies already. I'm planning on building a graveyard, equipped with tombstones, this "skull covered" fencing, animatroics, including a severed arm that will run around on the grass and of course a fog machine. I have some friends helping out already to be "zombies, or just some un-dead creature of the night". The porch will be decorated nicely with jack-o-lanterns, lots of webbing and spiders, and whatever tickles my fancy come Halloween. :p Anywho, my real dillemna here is what I'm going to do. I will be the person giving out candy..But I'm not sure of what I'm going to dress up as and what I'm going to say. I was thinking a vampire, because of my obsession with them...hehe But if anyone has any ideas that would be great. I also want to have lines that I'll use on the trick or treaters.. I want to say something spooky to them..but not so spooky their parents would get mad... If anyone has any ideas or knows a website with things a 'scare-actor' could say, it would be muchly appreciated!

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