September 30th, 2005

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I love the Martha Stewart Halloween magazines . . . but this year, it seems to totally revolve around food and not really decorating . . . anyone else bugged by this? Any good ideas on where to get my fix for things like pictures of old Halloween Victorian houses and such? I wanna live in a Halloween world that looks like this: but with much more color. Thanks guys!


So halloween is like..CLOSE. Okay so its like right at 4 weeks away, but im already getting excited and looking up costumes and stuff. *Eeeeeeeee* Lol. Sorry.
Anyways, Every halloween im ususally something dark and "gothic" this year im thinkin about being a Dead Juliet. I think it seems like a cool idea, since im into medievil type of dresses and such, but im totally into the dark adn goth stuff. Anyone know any good sites to look at some dresses like that? I *plan* on making my costume, because i dont like store bought costumes, because usually they are super thin, and its cold at night, and also they tend to fall apart. That and i think it'd be super awesome when ppl ask "Where'd u get ur costume" to say that you made it. Makes it even cooler!
Any help all would be great.. Thanks

Hello again

Its been a loooong time since Ive posted, and seeing as there's been a few others who have send in shots of recent and not so recent costumes, Im adding a fav to the list, one that is as of now, undergoing a revamp....and quite a major one at that. It should be finished in 2 weeks, and Ill be sure to post the "new look".

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Here are a couple more pics of the Halloween decorations hidden around my room (I, again, apologize for the quality as my camera is a piece of crap):

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These are two Victorian-looking Halloween pails I bought last season from Home Goods and Joanne's...and if you're wondering what's sitting inbetween them, it's a crystal as I'm into Feng Shui :)

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These are two candleholders I bought from Target and Joanne's

More decorations to come!


Don't think this has been posted before, i'm putting together my invites now. I was going to make some proper ones from card and decorate them but it's easier to email people, though theres a few people that i can't get online so i'll still get to make a couple.
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Need to get out to a trift store to find jackets and ties and slacks and a shirts. one dark one light each.
Working on a Two-face costume. Have to see about talking a friend into sewing it up, or maybe I'll just staple the thing! ok. I alwasys look forward to the season, and then I'm too busy enjoying it to make a great costume.
Wish me luck.

Halloween shirts

If you're anything like me, every Halloween season you grab at least ONE of Target's $5.00 holiday shirts. So I'm wondering, as I haven't been to Target in a few weeks, are they carrying their Halloween shirts yet? If so, what do they look like this year?