September 22nd, 2005

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Halloween is symbolized by many different things. What is your favorite symbol? Mine would have to be a witch flying over a moon; yeah, it's classic and cliche, but hey, that's what a symbol is!

So what's your favorite?

Also, happy 1st day of Autumn!

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dear LJ

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Its not a very good picture but it’s there at the bottom left.
My bestfriend and roommate went pumpkin shopping a few Halloweens back until we found, in our definition, the perfect pumpkin. We were going to chop it up and make it a jack-o-lantern, but didn’t have the heart to ruin it.
We kept it through the holiday and it never spoiled. After Halloween passed we placed it outside next to our skeleton door decoration. We kept it there with the skeleton door cover, and our Halloween mat until Christmas. That’s when I dressed “Jack” up as Jack the Pumpkin King with a sign that said: Say hello to Jack.
Most people didn’t get it, especially the neighbors. They hated it. Haha
Well after Christmas break I got back to find the pumpkin, which had lasted that long and was still bright orange, busted on the ground below and Jack torn in half.
Oh well.
It was a perfect pumpkin though.


Some of my favorite pictures were taken last year when I was living in Australia. Unfortunately, the Aussies don't really celebreate Halloween, and since it is my favorite holiday, I decided we needed to celebrate in style. Now, keep in mind, these are college kids, 19-23 THAT HAD NEVER CARVED A PUMPKIN. So, I went out and bought pumpkins (only white, they don't have orange pumpkins there, which is just bizarre) and we had a huge night of carving. They loved it, and below are some of those infamous pictures!
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Pardon me while I PMP. :D

These are my favorites so far. Done from stencils found over at because I am a heathen. The first is Cptn. Jack Sparrow, and the second is the zombie mob from the Dawn of the Dead remake. Crap pictures, but there we are.

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