September 14th, 2005



Does anyone know a good place to find halloween icons?

And also, I made a quick animation for halloween using my pics from last year.
I found some pictures of my face....


If that link doesn't work, you can get to it through my website:
it's on the Cartoons page...
Dee Peace

Tonight tonight

Hello to everyone
This is an announcement to xx Bangarang , Choking Cat, Ravenmdf, Snuggleszs, Asseenontv, Oldcallas, and Badmentalimage......Tonight i am going to go and buy my Halloween costume and out of all the ones that I listed and your suggestions that you gave me, I will choose and post my results later tonight. I will then announce the one I chose and send any Halloween candy of the winners choice to them.
Thanks alot

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Is it just me or are the ilses getting smaller with Halloween stuff every year? As early as 10 years ago the ilses were many. No less than 3 or 4. Now they are down to one. Maybe one and a half. At the wallgreens by my house it is only half an ilses. It's really sad. At Garden Ridge, they used to make a HUGE deal out of Halloween. An entire section devoted to the holliday. Now it's a couple of ilses and then Thanksgiving stuff. I don't get it... :(
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Now I am REALLY excited about October. I'm the vice president of my campus's student government and I had a meeting today/this evening and so far for October we have planned:

¤ two charity walks
¤ a blood drive (I shouldn't be this pumped to sit in an uncomfortable chair with a needle in my arm)
¤ a bake sale fundraiser for the New Jersey Children's Hospital (I'll be making "trick-or-treat" bags)
¤ a Halloween/costume party
¤ a BBQ
¤ a trip to Fright Fest
¤ a pumpkin scavenger hunt

I have a few ideas in mind for my costume: a Hooters girl, a Reno 911 cop or Bettie Page (as suggested by a friend of mine as he thinks I look just like her)/Nurse Bettie. I'm highly considering the Bettie Page idea now, though the other two would be fun, as well. Especially the Reno 911 cop. I'm definitely not going scary this year like I went last year (Samara from The Ring).