September 12th, 2005

Getting excited now!

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In other news, my boyfriend grew me some pumpkin plants this year which unfortunately (i'm not a keen gardener!) didn't get planted from their pots until early August. So at the moment i have two gooseberry sized yellow pumpkins... and with 6 weeks to go i don't think i'll be making any pie out of them! If they grow a little bit more and go orange then i'll be happy... they'll look cute on the mantlepiece.
Has anyone else has grown pumpkins this year? When did you put them in the ground?

And hopefully, i'm having my very own Halloween party this year. I've got a basic idea of the decor for the house but today i unearthed a bag full of plastic flowers my friend gave me a while back. There's black roses, red roses and little bunches of blue flowers which i originally thought of turning into hair pieces.
However, if anyone can think of a spooky halloween theme for my front room which includes a lot of flowers then all answers on a stamped adressed envelope to the comments box!

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