September 11th, 2005

Guess what I found at my Target!

They had the Jones Soda Halloween flavors! I was so surprised to see them lined against the wall because my Target usually only carries the more "normal" flavors of Jones Soda. So I bought the caramel apple and the candy corn flavors. I'm sipping on the caramel apple now, but I can't wait to try the candy corn.
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Hello everyone. I'm new and I have some questions. First, does anyone know how/where I can get a bunch of hospital gowns, (the ones with the open flaps in the back) realy cheap? My boyfriend and I run a haunted house and this year our theme revolves around a mad scientist who ran a boarding house and then did weird experiments on the people who stayed there. We want all of our actors in blood stained hospital gowns. We have a very limited budget so they need to be realy cheap.

Also our haunted house is done in a historical house (Which i believe is actualy haunted but that's a whole different story) The way we ran it last year is basicaly like a tour of the house and something scary happening in each room of the house. Or simply having the group look into a room and see something creepy(some of the rooms have valuables so we don't want to bring a group of kids into it). Does anyone have any ideas of something cheap we could do in one of the rooms. We have preliminary ideas for most of the rooms, but our biggest challenge is going to be the master bedroom. This room was our weak point last year and I want to do something great in it this year. Here's the layout of the room.

thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions

Hey there...

Well, the time is almost upon us...

Here are some pics of me last year. I was Samara Morgan.

I just pasted myself into these pictures for the effect... so I really wasn't on that road or in those woods but... anyway, i thought they looked cool.

Don't know what to be this year though....